Thursday, August 7, 2008

What day is it?

It has been a SUCKY morning! I honestly had contractions like the ones I had when they GAVE me my epidural with Emily. Wanna know what they can do? Nothing! They cannot induce me yet, and I have been labeled a "constant contractor". The dr just came in and said that they have 2 or 3 cases of this a year........of course. Anyway, so I can either go back on meds to stop them, wait it out to see if they do anything, or take pain meds. I don't really like ANY of those options. Having this baby is the option I would like it's just not one right now. On top of that I am in the worlds WORST mood and have not answered my phone. So if anyone is calling I am just pissy! The good news is Jude's heart rate has stabilized so he is looking "beautiful" as they say. A beautiful baby has a great heart on the monitor. I am also about to strangle my poor husband so we will see if he makes it out of here. I have the option to go home later which I will probably take them up on. They are checking me 1 more time at 5 to see if there is any progress and then if not I can go home. Then it will pretty much be a guessing game on when I am in labor. The dr said he had 1 other patient that did this same thing this year and he had to induce her on her due date. That she had regular horrible contractions that did nothing until he made the baby come out. On a good note I have very nice nurses here, and they seem to be very attentive. It's nice to have a good support line going when you are in pain.

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Luane said...

I am crossing my fingers you get to go home. Your mood will be much better I bet when your in your own home.