Tuesday, August 12, 2008


I went and saw a chiropractor today to try to turn Jude's position. It was a very interesting visit ,and I really liked the lady I saw a lot. She used some adjustments, and then some heat acupuncture. It was amazing that when she put the heat up to a certain point on my toe Jude immediately started moving. So we will see if this does the trick! I believe he has gone transverse again instead of head down. I didn't sleep well last night, but I think that is just attributed to being huge, and pregnant all women experience this. I am missing my work a lot, and being active up there. I love being with Emily, but I am so used to being busy all day long that you miss it when you are gone. I am starting to receive a small trickle of large medical bills........UGH! Our total out of pocket is going to be $4k which isn't as bad as it could be. We will take our time and pay them as we can. Luckily the doctor's and facilities are very understanding. Jude is currently moving around so I can only hope the adjustment worked. I have to lie with my hips above my head today which is suppose to help him turn around. I will know on Thursday if he does indeed move. If he does I am all for let's get this going before he flips again! Any suggestions? lol. I was reading up on the platelet issue last night, and I am still wondering if Jude doesn't have some form of this. It said that 10% of all babies that have an ITP issue develop a brain bleed prior to 20 weeks gestation. That fits our case. I know the NICU team will be standing by when he is born so I am sure they will check him. I am ready to see him though! I am ready for our lives to return to normal with our new member of our family! In fact I am ready for the following:

1. To hold Jude in my arms for the first time and see what he looks like
2. To lie with my husband at night without feeling like a gianormous whale!
3. To never have to worry about Iv's and needles again...well in the near future anyway
4. To finally know the outcome of Jude's good condition or other condition
5. To go back to work and earn money!
6. To no longer be out of breath from going upstairs
7. To work out again!
8. To not have to worry so much about making ends meet
9. To have a glass of wine with my friends and family
10. To just be relieved of any stress of the impending labor, delivery, issues, non issue, bills, etc.

Well I am off to find some lunch and sit with my hips up!!! ha ha ha. The good news is that since he has been breach my contractions are not near as frequent or intense. So if he gets head down again I am betting labor will come on, but we will see!

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LisaA said...

My babies were transverse too! Not so comfortable when there are two in there. Poor Chloe was on the bottom and Riley was on top of her. So yeah I got a c-section but I was going to have one anyways since Lola was a c-section. Personally, I liked having a c-section but hey that's just me.

It sounds like you are doing really good. I'm happy for you. Just keep hanging in there! Let Jude bake for as long as he needs to.