Monday, August 4, 2008


Well I am sitting here monitoring myself which I have to do twice a day. The contraction monitor straps around my tummy and then after an hour I plug it into a fax line. It transmits my results to nurses who call back with the results. I don't really understand this because I would think one can feel if they are having contractions. The nurse explained though that some people don't feel them they just dilate and the next thing they know they are having a baby. Um yeah that's not how my life works! Are there really women in the world this happens to??? Anyway, regardless I have to do this or they call me wondering where my monitoring is. Today was an ok day. I hung out on the computer, took a bath, moved from the bed to the couch, etc. I am really missing my Emily!!! I talked to her earlier and she sounds like she is really missing being here too, but she is having fun with her dad. So last night I got pretty sick to my stomach and could only sleep from 2-4:30. I am not sure if it's the steroids or my body getting ready to have Jude. I am hunting a good movie to watch. If anyone knows of any let me know. Oh and my cousin filled in at my job today, and it sounds like she really helped out. That made me very happy!!! I am so glad Sarah will get some help now. Have a great night everyone! Tomorrow I go to the blood specialist to see if my platelets have raised from the medicine. Hopefully this has happened. I will post after I go. Oh and on Thursday we get to see Jude again!

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LisaA said...

I hated the monitoring too. I had contractions all the time. So it wasn't a matter of if I was having contractions but rather would I have less than 6 in an hour. That was my cut off. The nurses would tell me to drink 32 oz of water before monitoring and another 32 during. I would have to stop every 10-15 minutes to pee. It was so frustrating to me. And then if I had more than 6, even if it was just 7, I had to re-monitor for another hour. Oh, I hated it sooo much! I would actually try to cheat the machine sometimes by holding it away from my belly just a little bit, so hopefully it wouldn't feel every contraction. :) desperate times!