Tuesday, August 5, 2008


I have a doctor's appt at 8 so I am sitting here waiting to go get ready. I slept a little better last night. I almost got very frustrated again last night and thought of getting up and just coming to watch TV again. I didn't though and I eventually fell asleep. My pump started beeping about 5:30 though so Mike got up and put the new medication in. My poor hubby.......he is my nurse, chef, etc. I am also one sexy hot mama right now you know in my pj's I wear, little makeup, and huge belly. Not to mention to lovely body noises you have when you are preggo! I don't know how he resists me at this point :). Jude has been up for about the last forty five minutes. He is wiggling in my tummy which normally suggests he is hungry so I have eaten a bagel and my skim chocolate milk. I seem to have a huge thing for the chocolate milk. Anyway, he is getting more vocal....well moving anyway when he is hungry. I saw Lisa's post that she just contracted and would trick the monitor. Which is funny to hear because I put off the monitoring as long as possible. My threshold is 4 in one hour before the vampires try to give me an additional dose of medicine to stop the contractions. I told them it should be more like 8 for me. So if they tell me to take the extra dose I have been known to just wait it out to see if the contractions stop......naughty me! My body really feels done with the pregnancy though. I want what is best for Jude, but I am truly just tired. My right side is swelling up which I would think would be the issue with the gallbladder. I could go on and on. Not much longer though and I just hope again that he is ok.
So I am a bit stressed on Emily changing schools due to our move. I think it will be good for her because she will meet girls in the neighborhood, but still. I hate taking her away from her friends at Lakeview. I guess like Mike pointed out the good thing is when she goes to JR High she will know all the kids from both schools. She is miss social butterfly so it will be good for her. She will be riding the bus home which is a big deal for her. I will be here during my maternity leave and then Mike will be here to meet her each day. She is also about to enroll in a little gymnastics school up the road to see if she likes it. She has been begging to do that. Also, she still LOVES her softball, but so far the city has not sent anything about sign ups again. I will post more once I get my platelet results today.

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