Thursday, August 21, 2008

Dr appt

Well I was right he is LOW! I was measuring 39 weeks last appointment and this week I am only measuring 36. I have actually dropped from 40 originally so he has moved down a lot. I am not progressing though except for Jude moving down, and into position. I got a 4d sonogram of him today, and he looks exactly like his daddy!!! My word, he is 100% HIS child. Everything else looked good for a change. I even got all my instructions on being admitted to the hospital with the lovely direct orders not to eat. I don't really understand that completely because we need energy to give birth, but granted I did throw up with Emily. So my grandmother asked me today if they were able to look at Jude's head. I was able to see him on the sonogram and he looked pretty normal. The blunt conversation is though that we just won't know if Jude is "normal" until he is born. The NICU team has been notified and they know what to look for. I am sure they are planning to whisk him away for awhile, but I plan on asking if he can stay with us if he is breathing normal, etc which i fully expect him to. Then we can do the sonograms on his brain. He looks very cute in utero though and just a beautiful baby. Emily held out well today too.........which is a feat in itself since it was a 2 hour doctor visit today. I took her to get some breakfast afterwards and that made her happy. I am now hanging out on the couch and the dishes are just going to have to wash themselves because I am pooped.
Oh and Dr Moser said I lost weight again today?!?! She asked if I have been eating ok. I said "Um everything in SIGHT". My guess is Jude is doing some catching up and is taking in a lot of the food I am eating. I am off to nap!

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Anonymous said...

I think those 4d u/s are so cool I never had one on mine but wish i would have. Are you going to post pics of him on here? Gosh Jen Im going threw a major baby blues right now. I mean Tim and I talk about it and hes all for it but then i get scared... my kids are 10,9,and almost 7. scared me to think of starting over but then again i think it would be nice lol