Sunday, August 17, 2008


Today is the day of my husbands fantasy football draft which he is having here. Let me tell ya I am super excited about having people over today. I had those pains in my abdomen last night again, and they were so bad I would have a hard time rolling over. When I woke up feeling very weak too I decided I should probably take the antibiotic the dr had me on before. I just have a feeling that is what is going on. I am still annoyed the dr didn't listen to me on the phone. My cousin said "They never do so you have to have a plan or go in with a plan". Good point!!! Anyway, let me quit griping. So Em is Mike's sticker girl today at the draft and she already has her Dallas Cowboys jersey's pretty cute. We are die hard Cowboys fans and I mean that. We watch Hard Knocks, preseason, have everyone over for regular season, etc etc. We have confidence in their team this year because the starter line ups look amazing. I am thrilled that Football season is starting. Well I have an OB appt tomorrow at 9:45 I will post again after the appt.

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