Saturday, August 2, 2008

Sat night

I am a party animal let me tell ya! I am laying here with Mike watching "It's Me or the Dog" which I love by the way! That Victoria lady is a dod bad a$$. Anyway, I am better this evening I guess I needed a pissy pants party earlier. I laid down and took a mini nap today and it was good. Only issue is I get REALLY hot while I sleep from either the hormones or medicines. So I am pretty sure Mike may wind up in a parka soon. He came downstairs and said "It's FREEEEEEEEEZING" and I sat up in bed and was soaked in sweat. Nice picture huh? Well it's true and he just laughed. Well just wanted to say I know I was groaning earlier, but I am over my pity party. lol! Have a good night

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