Friday, August 29, 2008

Pissy platelet pants

So today was my scheduled appointment to go see the blood doctor to see if the platelet level had dropped again even though they increased the steroids. As many of you remember I was upset the other day that my OB would not induce because my platelet level was starting to drop again. Therefore, her treatment was to check me today, and she assured me there shouldn't be any issues because they had increased my dosage of oral medication, but if it had dropped they would do an IV of steroids. I didn't like the idea of the IV because this is a category C drug we are dealing with, and there is something telling me there is something else going on anyway. I was the one that asked her if this could be ITP from the start and she "didn't think so". When the specialist came in sure enough it was. So I get to the dr today and the regular hematologist I see is out. So the nurse took my blood and ran a full CBC. My platelets had indeed dropped again! So since last week they are now down from 167k to 122k which is still in a safe common sense to me? I would think check me in today, administer the steroids, and let's get the show on the road we are 2 days from 38 weeks (my ticker is off). This to avoid them going to 70,000 again. Anything below 100k can be an issue. So I explain to the nurse that I would prefer to speak to my Ob before they administer the Iv. I then call Mike who immediately leaves and comes to meet me. I then paged my dr who calls back. I explain that the platelets dropped again and that my concern is I was becoming steroid resistant and they would continue to fall by Monday when I am being checked in. She basically said she wasn't going to induce the 2 days early! I explained my fears and that the blood office seems to have a different attitude about it all. Anyway, after me bawling my eyes out, expressing my concerns, etc she still refused. So we went back in to talk to the blood dr prior to the delivery of the IV. He was the on call dr and came in and sat down and was very nice. He looked at my charts and expressed the same concern that the platelets are steadily going down. He said his concern is this may no longer just be an ITP issue but HELLP or the beginning of pre eclampsia. He then asked why my dr wasn't inducing today.................UM GOOD QUESTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He said he was going to call her and express his concern. He came back into the office and said "well goodness she was mad and went off on me". He mimicked her and said (in a mad womans tone) "I am not inducing a pre term baby". He said he told her "this is NOT a pre term baby and this baby has had enough steroids to avoid any issues if you are that concerned do an amnio and check the results but this girl needs to be delivered". Basically she refused. So we are just STRESSED beyond belief and hoping the platelets don't fall further over the weekend, and that this isn't anything else more severe (like this isn't severe enough). If the the platelets fall to avoid me bleeding out, etc the Ob said she would administer Iv steroids every 8 hours until they are up then wait 2 days and deliver. My family is mad, I am mad, etc! I think it's the WRONG decision. I even called the perinatlist who said "I don't want to get in the middle, but SOME doctors would do an amnio and get you delivered today! Yet here I am feeling held captive and unless I go into labor there isn't anything I can do except disagree. Oh also my RBC is down, HCT down, etc. I am stressed and the poor baby is flipping around. I am just emotionally DONE!


Luane said...

I have no clue why they are not inducing you! I am so mad! If I had that doctors number I would call her myself. 2 weeks early is not a majorly preterm baby... you and your childs health is the most important thing.. and why they are not getting him out now while things are good. Okay ,now I vented so I feel better.. on the good side.. your doctor has probably seen this before and knows what she is doing.. Hopefully tonight you will go into labor and she will have to deliver you.... If I could do anything to help, I would.. UGH>>>

Cjengo said...

Thanks Luane! We are actually thinking she hasn't seen this a lot before hence her reason for not diagnosing it right away. So maybe she doesn't really know how to handle this?? Since it's ITP and not just gestational platelets issues. Who knows. Thanks though girl your comments make me laugh.