Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Well I am pretty sure lightening came through my house this morning and struck me in the back. No really............about 6am BOOM ............ OUCH..............WHAT THE HAY? Anyway, so I had contractions off and on all night and they got very strong about 6. Now they seem to be gone again for the moment (perplexed look), but my back is really hurting from them. At this point I am praying for pain..ha! So since I am awake from them I am up on the computer and watching some Tv this morning, and Luanne is right the Olympics are on any time of day! I have a blood dr appointment at 8:30, but I am thinking it might be wise to reschedule for Thursday the same day as the ob. Mike had to go to work this morning and with the contractions I really don't want to drive alone with Em in the car. I am sure the doctor will understand because they told me not to drive initially. So I love watching baby birthing shows and wedding shows and always have. I am currently watching a baby delivery show with a woman trying to have a natural birth without drugs and I swear she is beating the holy bejesus out of her husband...it's rather comical. So they won't actually induce me on labor day they are just giving me the meds I need (for the platelets) although they will give me some cervical softener. They won't actually induce until 9/2 at 5am. I am hoping I start to really dilate prior to that to a 2 or 3 before labor day so they won't have to use the softener oh and I will be at Baylor again. I haven't discussed my labor with Em, and even though each one can be different they can also mimic each other which is seems this one already is in a way. With Emily I lost my MP on Friday and had small contractions throughout the weekend. On Sunday I started having regular heavy contractions, and went into L and D. I had a different dr at that point... a male dr... and after monitoring me he took the nurse into the hall and told her to send me home with 2 sleeping pills (this while being 2 weeks late 42 weeks preggo). I heard the nurse lean over and say "You want to send her HOME?? her contractions are 5 mins apart I don't care if she is only at a 1", but he still sent me home. So I MINDED the dr and went home and took the 2 sleeping pills...........BAD IDEA. I pretty much sat in my bath tub all night falling asleep and waking up to a shock of a bad contraction. I would refill the water to warm every half hour. So I finally called the dr at nine and told him I couldn't take it anymore...his response... "well those sleeping pills were enough to put a horse to sleep so if they didn't work I guess you are in active labor" (sigh). So he took me in and they got me all checked in. They gave me some pitocin and I slowly went to a 4 then they gave me an epidural. I finally felt like I could sleep so my husband and cousin went to go get some food. Luckily my cousin forgot her purse and came back in the room and that's when I said "I feel something". Within 20 mins I had fully dilated and Em was coming out. The nurse didn't believe me and when she lifted the blanket she started yelling "DON'T PUSH DON'T PUSH!!" She was out in two pushes! lol. It was a very event filled day. So we will see how Jude comes.

Oh and this is a bit how I feel lately just ask my hubby
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Luane said...

I love those baby shows and wedding shows.. I will be glad when the kids go back to school so that I can watch them. They make me turn the channel when they are on..
They would rather watch game shows. YUK....
Can you believe that you will have Jude in your arms soon?? I know it seems to you like years..lol but it has went fast to me.