Friday, August 15, 2008


It's Friday!!!! I like Fridays because that means Mike gets to stay home with me for two days. I miss my work again today, and would like to be there. Poor girls up there I am always hunting for people to talk Anyway, the storms kept me awake last night and the dogs!!! So I slept in a bit this morning. I was having cramps vs contractions last night, and was hoping that it meant something. Although, when I got up this morning low and behold I was still pregnant..ha! Jude has been active today which makes me happy!! I asked my cousin what she planned on doing this weekend and when she said nothing I told her I am planning to climb Mt Everest..:). I am going to try to get Em to go outside and play today. Poor girl is bored in here. She has done lots of crafts but I know she has to be tired. It seems my cats are in war over something so I will have to see what their issue is. I am sure it's a battle over a milk top, or a twist tie. My cat angel has a strange talent of being able to untwist the twist ties on bread sacks and they become her play toys. Maybe I should take her to America's pets have talent!

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