Saturday, August 23, 2008


For some reason I cannot sleep which may be due to the steroids. I woke up at 4:30am today and was never able to go back to sleep so that is rather annoying. I am spending a quiet night at home though and that sounds very nice. Mike is upstairs playing games with a friend and I am just hanging out watching TV. Jude is wiggling around and has been a lot of the day today. Em is with her dad, but we did have her softball round up today and met her coach. Our favorite coach moved to a select league in Southlake, but change is good. So I am trying to figure out Emily's schedule with us being in the hospital, delivery, etc. I wish he would have come prior to her starting school, but unless it happens today this lil boy is coming after his sister starts school. So I have to have someone drop her off, etc. I am sure I will find someone though and she is such a sweet girl. Well as I type Jude has the hiccups again! So really only a week and we will get to see what Jude looks like and get to learn about his situation if he has one at all. It's been a pretty crazy week this week. Seems I am a bit like Eeyore because I have a rainy cloud over me. For instance today on our way to the softball round up my tire burst and split in two......sigh! Honestly, though my hubby gets on to me saying I am Snow White because I always have an everything will be ok attitude. I just told him I don't see why u should get so upset over things. I mean I definitely do my share of griping, but beyond that it doesn't do much good to waller in sorrow. Pick yourself up and figure out how to make things better. The good side of it I have money set aside for maternity leave and therefore the tire can be fixed. The medical bills can always be paid out, and everything eventually will work out!

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Anonymous said...

aww Jen that is how i am too... wish i lived closer so i could take her to school while you have baby Jude. I cant wait til you have him now will someone update your site again like before? cause i check your site every other day. Let me know have a good week