Thursday, August 14, 2008

additional update

Well the wonderful chiropractor worked!!! Jude is officially head down so now without any other surprises I can still have him naturally! I am on a horse pill for a potassium supplement. Also the doctor said Jude's heartbeat is still running high at 176, but that she doesn't see any cause for it. Therefore, she will just keep a watch on him twice a week. She said she knows the contractions suck, and offered me pain meds. No thanks. So I am trying to make it another two weeks and then we will see Jude for sure!! Unless someone knows how to break your water at home? ha!!! We did see Jude and he is so long his legs are all scrunched up. It was pretty cute.

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Luane said...

YEA!! now, lets hope he stays this way. So happy :)