Monday, August 18, 2008


I had a dr appt this morning with the Ob and everything went well. She is still unsure as to what is causing the pain in my abdomen, but the baby looks good. He was moving and breathing which is a good sign. They did say they think all the pre term labor was caused by the low potassium level. Don't get me started on the on call dr and my asking him about my low blood pressure........which low potassium causes. I feel like a lot of this mess could have been avoided! Anyway, the plan is if I don't have Jude within the next two weeks then I will be checked into the hospital on Labor Day. Which I am getting a HUGE laugh out of the fact that I am being checked in on that holiday. So they will start the meds I need including the steroids I need for the platelets. They will then induce me on the 2nd and we should have Jude!!! So basically just two more weeks. Then we will get to asses the situation with Jude, and we just pray he is a normal happy healthy baby!!!

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Luane said...

I love you being induced on labor day!!! what better day????? LOLOLL
I am glad things are looking good.. Let us know when you go into the hospital so we can send flowers or balloons... are you watching the olympics at all? its kinda of cool cause no matter what time you turn TV on, you can see competition.. LOL
I love any type of competition.. well, the sword competition was boring.. I forgot the word for it.. but I dont get that whole thing.. anyway.. have a good night and get some rest.