Friday, August 1, 2008


Well it's Friday and I am currently lounged back on my couch. I have one of those recliner couches so it's perfect for me right now. I am having trouble sleeping on all these meds, but finally fell sound asleep this morning. Well of course, Tru Chem HAD to ring the doorbell and wake me up. To say the least I have a huge issue with the lawn man Last night was ok though except my back started hurting really bad again while I was in bed. Oh and my aunt from Missouri is still in town and she came by last night. She brought me a chocolate cake which is very yummy! She also hired a cleaning lady to come to my house and I am very excited I just hope the cleaner doesn't get lost in dust bunnies. Everyone has been very supportive. My lil husband was just wonderful yesterday. I am thinking it's because the nurse 100% griped me out and told me to stay in bed! She said you can only shower and go to the bathroom but nothing else. So last night Mike cleaned up, cooked, cleaned the dishes and did some laundry. I think I will keep him around. I am bored at home because I am not used to just sitting around. I am a very active person and prefer to be on the go at all times. So this is very different for me and for my family. I am normally cooking, cleaning, working, etc. Sometimes people will kid that they want to just go home and sleep for a week, but trust me the Rumpelstiltskin routine is no fun. We still don't know why Jude keeps trying to come early because Emily was two weeks late. We aren't sure if it's from his issues, or if my body is just worn out. Thanks to everyone for the posts that they know people that had ITP. It is normally not an issue and you can manage it. I believe their only concern is delivery when it can become a serious issue so I trust they will get the platelets up. So I go back Tuesday for a recount of my platelets. The doctor will see if they have risen or fallen from the treatment and then decide her next course of treatment from there. Once I am at 36 weeks this pump comes out and I cannot WAIT! Next Thursday I go to see Dr Payne who will look at Jude again. My OB is out of town and she prefers with my case I see the other doctors instead of her nurses. My poor Ob she is probably just waiting to deliver this baby and get rid of me..:). She did say my case has been very unusual. Nothing about this pregnancy has been usual except the weight gain and cute baby inside. Oh note to self I must try out Luane's margaritaville after the delivery. I have also seen Definatley Maybe and I LOVED it! I cried at the part when he told his daughter the happy ending of his marriage that failed was her.....awwwwwwwww! So true so true. Jude has been moving around this morning which makes me happy. While kicked back in my recliner I am watching The Price Is Right I swear I feel like my grandmother she used to do this. I have to go monitor before the nurses call me complaining. I will write again tomorrow.

Ps. I did just get some news on Jude. His measurements at 33 weeks were as follows
BPD (head): 30.4
Head circumference: 31.5
Belly: 32
Thigh bone - 32.5

I was very concerned about the head because of his issues. The nurse said that as long as the baby grows by a week to two weeks per sonogram that's all they look for and he grew a week. Plus my sonogram wasn't quite 2 weeks before. So at least he is growing. She also said this far along the measurements can vary because all babies are different. He may just be a little small. I am keeping my hopes up. I cannot go all through this and Jude still have some serious mental retardation or illness. I would be very angry! Anyway, note to my cousin I want to be at your house swimming sipping on some! We need a night like that after Jude is born :)

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