Saturday, August 30, 2008

Day --- of my captivity

So my captors want to torture me by feeding me this horrible medicine. I think they sit and think up things for jk

I am at home today. I was going to take Emily out and go walk, but I feel 100% drained for some reason. Like it's hard for me to walk around, but I am not sure what is causing it. I am not having anymore contractions that I can tell just an aching back.

Emily is making a blanket for Jude, and Mike is upstairs painting. So I guess we are having a nice quiet day at home.

Have a good weekend everyone!

Update ~ I slept a lot today which is unusual with the prednisone, but good!!! I still feel cruddy and my back hurts. Plus I am having contractions. I am rather convinced now that even if I didn't go in Monday night that labor would be imminent. Mike finished painting the upstairs room. I am lucky that I have a lil contractor that can change the look of an entire room for the price of a gallon of paint in less than a day! It's Dallas Cowboys blue and very cute. He has so many jobs he needs to catch up on for don't think we have forgotten you. It's just been crazy around here.

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Anonymous said...

tell emily that cameron says hi and she cant wait for the news of baby jude keep us posted