Monday, August 11, 2008

doctor updates

I went to the blood doctor first and my platelets have risen again to 158k!! That's great news. She said my WBC was a little high, but that could just be from the steroids. I then went on to the Ob who talked to me about my hospital stay. I told her I wasn't very happy with the on call doctor and she said she understood. She said he really didn't want to have to deliver me because my case was so complicated. That's understandable and sometimes people just conflict. She did say that I am 60 % effaced.....but Jude is breech again. OF COURSE! The lil stinker! So they scheduled a c section for 9/2, BUT I am going to try to see if a chiro I know cannot help change his position. She did say if he changes position prior to that date they will let me have him naturally. Jude's heartbeat was also still running a little high, but she said she thinks that could be the medicine still wearing off. They are going to check on him 2 times a week now. So I am just hanging out again at home, and am ready for this baby to come........and a glass of wine!


Luane said...

Good news!! thats what I like to hear.. not the breach postion but everything else.. and its now a glass of wine you get after all this,, remember, its a margarita!!!

Luane said...

I meant NOT a glass of wine...LOL