Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Ok Mike actually called and spoke with Dr Moser because I had not heard back from her office, and he wanted to clarify everything going on. Dr Moser stated her plan is to do the IV steroids. Mike then asked "What if she comes in Friday and the platelets are way down?". She said that she truly believes the Iv's will work and their plan of attack is to "pump me full". He then explained that is really not something I wanted to do because I have had so many other meds put into me. She said at this point it's really not a choice. She then explained she really wanted to give Jude a few extra days to ensure his lungs are mature, but also said if I go into labor she isn't stopping it. I contracted last night and I think I truly made more progress. Maybe this isn't anything to be concerned over, but it is weighing on my mind. I am just ready for Jude to be here safe and sound then all my medical issues will end! Oh and my cousin made and awesome looking trifle today and I want some..lol!

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Kelly said...

I wish I was a dr. to give you another opinion! Praying for you and Jude!