Thursday, August 14, 2008


I went to the blood dr this morning and my platelets are up again which is awesome! I got cut back on the steroids, but she will still check me each week to make sure they are staying up. The blood dr also laughed that they took out my trebutaline pump and the baby has hung in there. They did call back when I got home and said my blood work was "wonky". I said "wonky??". The nurse said it's a medical term and laughed, but he said my potassium level has gotten very low. Could explain why I felt like poo last night. So I am getting a supplement and I just ate a banana :). I contracted until after midnight last night, and I am pretty tired so I plan on taking a nap today. I see Dr Moser at 2 and will post her update. I believe they are doing a stress test on the baby today. Hope everyone is well.
Emily is sitting here beside me keeping me company with her cat Scooter. Scooter is a black and white big piece of poo! ha. He basically is the best cat ever and let's Emily do whatever she wants to him. He is the only cat I have ever seen let a kid dress him up like a baby and be 100% still as she pushes him in a stroller. He also sleeps on his back like a dog which is in itself hilarious to see.

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