Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Blood dr appt ~ not so great

I went to see Dr Jordan today who I think is fabulous. She is kind, gentle, and really takes her time to explain the situation to you. So they did labs and she came in and said my platelets dropped by 30,000 points...sigh. That was not the information I was expecting to hear from her days away from my delivery. She said I do seem to be steroid responsive so she "thinks" she can treat this. She then states "although, your level is still at 130,000 and it would be ideal if you delivered today or tomorrow". I told her I would be calling Dr moser to dicuss the possibility of inducing early to avoid any potential issues. She said if she doesn't induce her level of treatment will include IV's of steroids on both Friday and Monday. Yet when I went to check out they explained that they would be closed on Monday due to the holiday. I am assuming they will then just go with the bag of steroids that night in the hospital. Her concern is not that my level is at 130k right now, but that it dropped and could be the sign of a "trend". If the level gets under 100k that means no epidural, possible transfusions, and being put to sleep in the case of a c section which is just all unacceptable! So I put a call into my dr to discuss doing this induction sooner. Although, I fully expect her to say that's not a possibility due to hospital policy which in turn I will ask for a reassurance that my platelets will in fact go up or stabilize. If they cannot guarantee that then I am rather frustrated and I think we should take action. Also, I am still waiting on the results of my potassium level and other blood work. So basically I am just waiting on phone calls back today. Oh and last night I contracted a lot so I think we are very close anyway.

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Kelly said...

Praying for you! xoxo