Sunday, August 24, 2008


Well Jude has been a little quieter today. Poor little guy if I don't feel him I push on my tummy I am sure he is wondering why Earthquakes keep rattling his home. So I love my bath time and everyone that knows me personally knows it's my me time, my quiet time, my haven. Anyway, so I was in there soaking earlier and reading my People magazine. Yes, I read People and from the front to the joke. So I get to the back cover, and I see a picture of Celine Dione in a gorgeous short mini dress. I am not personally a fan of hers or not, but I did notice she looked stunning in this dress. I thought to myself that I wanted to get one like it in my size six with pretty high heels to match. Then hit the town with a gorgeous tan and enjoy a night with my husband. Then reality woke me up so I put the magazine down, and hoisted my whale of a self out of the tub by hanging on to the bath faucet for support and pulling.....sigh. It's all worth it though and I will get back to normal again. I do laugh about pregnancy sometimes though, and truly need to read Jenny McArthy's book. Everyone tell me we share similar view I can tell you that even though I think they keep the rough parts of pregnancy secret that at least we have the right to talk about it. If my grandmother was still alive and you mentioned cervix, mucus, or enema she would have had a coronary and passed away right then! God Bless her little soul she cracked me up. I grew up with her from age fourteen on, and her way of dealing with anything was NOT to discuss it and push it under the rug. I laugh to myself thinking about asking her about the "bloody show". No she was a funny lady though! Once she told my cat to get out from behind the tv because he was going to get "executed". Emily has meet the teacher very early tomorrow morning so I plan on trying to go to sleep early. Oh and I have been nesting this weekend like CRAZY! I have rearranged chairs, moved decorations, asked hubby to paint a bathroom, etc etc. So we shall see if that means anything. I have a dr appt with my Ob tomorrow so I will update after that. I really want to put the 4d up Misty and Everyone but I dont have a scanner here :(. If I have a chance tomorrow I will run by my work if I am not to tired.

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