Sunday, August 31, 2008

The countdown begins

I feel better today. In fact I just took Emily out to get her some material to make some knot blankets. She is making a Dallas Cowboys blanket for her dad for his bday. That should keep her busy for a few days too. She also wanted to make Jude one. Well Jude is now so low my belly actually feels a little flatter.........of course it isn't because my pants still keep falling down! ha! Really nothing is more annoying then walking through the store and your pants won't stay up because the pants will no longer fit over your big belly. Also, what's with all the cellulite we retain on our legs and butt in pregnancy? Whew, that's got to go soon! I am a walking fat storage machine....eeek! I think I have most everything packed for tomorrow, but I need to go through everything again. Ok so I check in tomorrow at 5pm for my cervix softner, CBC check, and Iv's I will need. If needed they then start the induction Tuesday at 5am. So lil Jude will be here soon. I was driving home a minute ago, and it just became a reality that I just don't know what condition he will be in when born. I think he will be just fine and normal which is the way I should think, but you cannot help wondering. I have said from the start when they told me to terminate that he was going to prove them wrong!!! Well everyone we will post info and pics as soon as possible!

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Luane said...

Lots of positive thoughts coming your way!!!! I know everything is gonna turn out just great! Take it nice and easy the rest of the day... cause going from one to 2 kids it gets crazy.. trust me...
It was hard to adapt from one to 2.... and it was so crazy I figured, why not add a third..LOLOL
Good luck and email if you need anything! also, be sure and leave the hospital info.