Saturday, August 2, 2008


Well I could come on here and be all positive and sunshine. I would like to be, but honestly I am just lonely :(. I miss my friends and family, but who wants to come hang out with a sick person? I mean one does and I don't blame them! So I am hanging out on the couch again watching TV and playing on my computer. Mike went and got me breakfast today and it was wonderful! Now he is upstairs playing his games. He escapes up there and I cannot follow him...ha ha ha! Anyway, Em has been sending me emails and calling me every night from her dads. She is so cute!!! I told her my toes miss her great paint jobs..ha! I have no idea but I have an obsession with watching Tori and Dean. She seems a lot more down to Earth than I thought she would be. Also, um there is nothing on the 500 channels I have!! Isn't that sad? Mike and I don't normally watch a whole lot of TV anyway. We do love Heroes, Entourage, and a few others but the premiers have not come on yet. Well I am going to open up all the blinds in the house and let some light in. I am looking at Jude's cute bassinet and I know he will be in it soon! I have to register Emmy for school some time next week. I am hoping they let Mike take her paperwork in. Everyone have a wonderful day.

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Luane said...

I know it must be boring with nothing to do.. but your doing the best thing possible right now... just think,, in a few weeks your not going to get any sleep... so get it all now! LOL
I must have the same 500 channels you do,, cause nothing was on tv today. I tell you, your in for a different time raising a son. I have 2 girls and then my son came along.. well, he is almost 15. I took him to the mall to do some school clothes shopping. It was a nightmare.. the girls love to shop,, him, not so much. He had a 300.00 budget.. so he goes to Abrecrombie and buys one pant and one shirt for 150.00. I was like, son, your going to go naked on wed, thur and friday if you dont budget better. We both wanted to kill each other the 3 hours we were in the mall. They always said girls were harder to raise than boys.. I think its the other way around! LOL