Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Back in the hospital

Well let me lay down the events for you. Yesterday I had not monitored like I was suppose to until about 3pm. I had actually slept some, etc and so I finally put the monitor on when the nurse called looking for my results. She measured six contractions in the hour. Which honestly I didn't think was that big of a deal. She had me take my pulse but it was to high to administer any of the medication that stops my contractions. So I drank a glass of water, rested on my side, and went through the same steps they teach you when you have pre term contractions. She then had me re monitor and I had 8 contractions, higher blood pressure, and a faster pulse. So guess where I got sent? Yeppers back to Labor and delivery. At this point Ms thang here has HAD it with going up to the hospital. So I get here and my contractions are every few minutes and exceeding the thresh hold, but again I know they probably aren't true labor. Doesn't mean they don't hurt they just don't open my cervix (which they had a little but just barely). So then I talked to my cousin and a few people on the phone, and WHAM! I got horrible, nasty, I want an epidural NOW contractions. The baby's heart rate soars to almost 200, my blood pressure drops, etc. The nurses are running around like mad, and trying to locate Jude's heartbeat on the monitor. It was a MESS! They tried to give me mag sulfate and I refused! I think that's a nasty chemical and not meant for us. So my heart rate and his finally go down enough to administer two doses of the tebutaline. I am still contracting and this went on about two hours. Finally, everything either kicked in or calmed down and I stabilized. I still contracted which is normal, but not like I was. So I wound up in a room. This morning the on call dr once again tried to administer mag sulfate and I again refused. So at this point they have no taken the pump out of my leg, and are not giving me anymore meds. They gave me the choice of no meds, or trying something else. I said none. So then I get to see the perinatilist who was super nice!!! He said he didn't like the baby's heart rate again today and they would be keeping a close watch on it. He also said he thinks I should stay off all meds that stop pre term labor because they would do more harm than good at this point. It made me feel very reassured that I know my body and the baby's and that I stood up for myself last night and said no! He said he would inform the on call dr that if something happens we need to get delivered, and they have put the NICU team on standby. He did reassure me that Jude looks good and there is no cause for alarm right now. So basically at this point whatever happens happens and is meant to happen! Mike has been great and stayed with me all night again. The perinatilist did say I had to be here at the hospital for my labor, not laboring at home for awhile like I did with Em. He said I need an iv of steroids for the platelets. Anyway, so basically we are just waiting for Jude to make his debut which may be today, or 3 weeks from now. Who knows!


LisaA said...

WOW! Sounds like you had a busy day. Saying NO to the MAG is awesome! I wish I would have said NO! They gave me that stuff and let me tell you, it is AWFUL! It basically makes it so ALL of your muscles stop working. I couldn't talk, eat, swallow, get up, pee. And even when they stop giving it to you, it takes about a day and a half to get back to normal. I couldn't understand how that could possibly be okay for the babies. But it does do the trick, it stopped my labor (I question whether I really was laboring) and I went for another 3 weeks.

It sounds like you have all those docs and nurses under control over there. Take care and hang in there girl.

LisaA said...

Remember to look for Suzanne, a L&D nurse. She's really nice and will look out for you. But really all the nurses there are pretty good.

Luane said...

WoW, I don't ready your blog for one day and you had all this excitement! I am glad things leveled out. Thank goodness you can bring your laptop to hospital so that you dont get bored. I bet you can't wait for Jude to be in your arms. Please keep us updated and let me know if you need anything.