Monday, August 25, 2008


Dear Jude,

You have officially been evicted if you do not vacate the premises within 6 days you will be forcibly removed

Love Mom! :)

Ok so I went to the dr today and she said I have made progress (hooray!!!). I am officially a full cm and about 80% effaced which is awesome. Of course, I could stay like that for weeks, but I have been pretty crampy so she seems to think it could be the start of things. We shall see! Regardless we know he will be here by Tuesday. They ran more blood tests, liver enzymes, etc on me but we won't have those until tomorrow. I see the blood dr tomorrow anyway and then Thursday is out LAST ob appt prior to delivery. They even sent my records over to the hospital. So wish me luck :). I am hoping that since this pregnancy has been so difficult that the delivery will be easy.

Em went to meet the teacher today and she loves her new teacher. Also, one of her friends from her other school has moved a long with her and sits next to her in class. I was thrilled when we walked in and saw her!

Hope everyone has a good day!

Here is a picture of the lil man. He looks just like his dad!!!

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Hope said...

I hope you have a fast, safe delivery! (I've been following your story through JM since you asked Kel about it months ago).
Good luck, hon! T&P always!

Luane said...

YEA!!!!! Let the countdown begin!!!!!!!
I love the new pic! Its amazing how good the pic is! Its been awhile since I had my kids and we didnt have that back in the day.
Soon you will be able to see your toes again! LOL