Monday, May 12, 2008

What if

Well it's another Monday, but I am not riddled with doctor appointments this week. I only have one and that is with Dr Moser on Wed. I am going to ask her to do the 4d sonogram we missed so I can see what Jude looks like. This weekend was finally a bit relaxful. Yesterday Mike and Em made me breakfast in bed for mothers day, I got cards, and then we went to babies r us to finish the registry. It made me feel good to do something for Jude. I got some tiny little clothes though with a gift card I received, and when I got home I told Mike I was afraid to open them. So they are sitting on his dresser. I hate feeling that way, but it's been a roller coaster so far. Mike and I did discuss how we are going to paint his room, and I even put his bedding on. Then I went and watched Extreme home makeover with Emily. We have a Sunday ritual of sitting down and watching that show together. If anyone saw it then you know the premise of the show was about a family who's father was in a horrible car wreck the same day his new daughter was born. He was actually carrying the family's two boys home when they were hit. The boys were fine, but the father suffered a severe head injury. The doctors said even if he did make it through the night he would never walk or talk again. Well he is walking with assistance, and talking. He has made a lot of progress! So like I have said in prior blogs the brain is a complicated organ. No one can ever accurately predict exactly what it's going to do. I guess you just have to do what that doctor told me. You have to think of the best and worst scenario, and let that guide you on your decision. In the shows case the woman decided not to turn off the life support, and believe in her husband. I guess we decided not to turn off Jude's life support and believe in him. Like the doctor said though if something is seriously wrong with Jude we cannot every look back and say, "what if". We won't anyway though. We will love him no matter how this pregnancy turns out.
Emily has softball playoffs this week. She is an excellent player, but it seems her team wasn't all that wonderful this year. They went from the champion team last year on coach pitch to their first time player pitching and it's been a struggle. Although, it seems they got the hang of it near the end of the season and have now made the playoffs. So my week nights this week will be spent at the ball field. I enjoy it though!

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