Monday, May 19, 2008


Good morning all. It was a rather relaxing weekend, and besides a killer headache throughout it it was wonderful. I enjoy spending quiet time with Mike. Of course, we always miss Em a few hours into the weekend. She came home last night and immediately she and Mike start wrestling in the floor......sigh. It's like two little kids, but it's pretty cute! I felt a bit like a roly poly this weekend and it's getting hard to get up from the bed. Mike still tells me I am pretty, but when you need a hand off the bed you don't feel that sexy let me tell ya :). Also, I told my cousin I need a plunger for my throat due to the heartburn. All the great symptoms of pregnancy.....but it's fun....well ok not the heartburn, but the rest. This morning when I got to work I stepped outside to check the payment box, and I realized what a beautiful morning it was. I realized I need to stop more lately, and appreciate my surroundings. I had a dream last night about going back to DR Doom's office. I think that is putting a lot of stress on me, and I plan to talk to the OB about it. My biggest fear is going back at 28 weeks and them telling me the ventricles have increased, or the cortical thinning is worse, or hearing that Jude has remarked brain damage. I really feel like he will be normal or as normal as he can be.
I watched a movie yesterday and it was based on a woman that had lost her Faith. Everything that had happened in life that could be explained as a miracle she could debunk with scientific data. Even the plagues from years ago in the Bible. After a life changing experience she found her faith. I guess I feel the same way a bit. My faith is being tested. I just hope after all this prayer, etc if things do not go well I don't completely lose my faith in everything. I really really want to prove the two doubting doctors wrong.

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