Thursday, May 8, 2008


I am a little frustrated today with the lack of data on our situation. We really have nothing to go off of from the doctors for comparisons. Although, I have found other women on a support forum that have had similar situations. In fact there is one woman who emailed me yesterday privately after reading my info. Her sons ventricles were the exact same measurements as Judes of 11+12. Her doctor was very supportive and said this happens ALL the time and not to panic. They did a few more sonograms and the ventricles actually increased, but went back down before delivery. She opted not have an MRI so there is no way to track if there were other issues that originally caused the problem. Although, her baby did have an issue with his foot. Anyway, he turned out fine! Was delivered early and is fine. So who knows!!!!!! I am sure there are cases where the babies don't turn out ok, but sure seems like I am getting people coming out of the woodwork telling me they had similar issues and all is ok. That includes a lot of women who's doctors gave them no hope at all. Like I said it's not that I am convinced all will be ok because I am not, but still there just isn't enough data!

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