Saturday, May 3, 2008

Tornado Alley and more

Let me start with saying that I hung the mobile on Jude's crib today. I thought it was an act of faith that he will be ok. I also got up and ate some yogurt loaded with healthy omega 3 items to help even more. In addition to that I have been playing him music which is also suppose to stimulate his brain. It seems he really likes Johnny cash.....because he kicks like crazy when he is playing. Yep that's my boy!

Anyway, Mike and I have enjoyed a nice day together. He planted a lot of nice flowers out front and it looks wonderful. He is very handy! Anyway, we are heavy Sat night partyers let me tell you because we just finished dinner while watching Tornado diaries! ha ha. What is tornado Diaries you ask...well it seems a group of people from Britian comes for tours in the US to look for tornado's. Ummm, my first thought they know the ramifications of a tornado? I mean they don't have super cell storms there. Obviously, not because it just so happens this crew starts tracking the Oklahoma City tornado. They have no idea what they are getting in to do they? They were a bit disappointed they didn't actually get to see the tornado until they saw all the damage. Two days after the OKC Tornado that hit Moore head on I was on my way to Springfield to visit family. When we started through Moore (which is a pretty large city) I didn't see any damage at first. Suddenly, I looked up and pointed out a billboard that was shredded located over a hill we were approaching. Once over the hill my mouth literally fell open. There is no way anyone can describe the damage. As one of the British men said "I am at a loss of words". I looked to my right and there was an apt complex that looked like it had been cut in half. There were furniture, debris, wires, and all kids of items hanging out of it. There were cars/trucks that had been thrown into the building that were hanging out of the third story. You could see the path the tornado cut because there wasn't any grass in those areas. You could literally track it from one side of the hwy to the other. Anyway, I have grown up here so I could tell the men that were on their tour a few things. First rule of thumb if the sky turns green you take cover! I have been in two tornado's in my lifetime, but I was fortunate that they were very small. I was in a storm cellar for one, and in a closet for another. So back to the tornado tour...I felt pretty sorry for the one guy that seemed dazed. He was obviously shocked and stood there looking at the devastation not knowing what to say. So when the camera panned to him he goes "I wanna go home ok? I don't want to be here anymore. I didn't expect this." Granted we have large tornado's every year, but they hit rural areas that are not populated. Everyone here knows the dangers though and the risk you take by living in "tornado alley". So I think he got a real shock that the fascinating tornado can cause mass devastation. So I guess at looking at that show I realized everyone has their own tragedies, and situations they live with. It's learning to pick up and make the best of the situation you are given. I am also thankful I have a family that is safe. So we all have our own issues we deal with. Some get tornado's, some baby issues, some sickness, and some loss. We just have to deal.

Ps. Now to get Mikey to build me a storm

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