Sunday, May 4, 2008


Good evening everyone. So it was a relaxing weekend and we really needed it. Mike and I spent a lot of time together and it was wonderful! He even drove me all over the metroplex today so I could pick up some things I needed. I have a great husband!

I was checking the Vetricalmegaly site and saw a recent post from a woman that was encouraging. Now there have been a lot of women on there that have posted their babies measured large brain ventricles, and they resolved themselves in the third trimester. Although, as far as I know those women didn't have cortical thinning either. Although, several had not had MRI'S. Anyway, the above woman I mentioned was different. She stated her babies ventricles kept increasing in size all the way up to 20mm. She said when he was born they measured 15 mm, and he is currently a healthy 5 year old. She said he also didn't need to be shunted when he was born. That means this baby had VACO-hydrocephalus!!!!! She said he doesn't even have learning delays just a larger head. So at least that is a bit encouraging. I know it can go the other direction, but the more I find these stories the more I wonder if this new science (as the neuro called it) is trustworthy. I mean they have this science but they even say it's not 100%. I dunno.

Anyway, again it was a good and relaxful weekend. Tomorrow my family comes in from out of town and I am anxious to see them. My cousin went camping and I bet she needed the get away because I keep calling her crying. She has been a HUGE support though and I couldn't have made it through without her.

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