Monday, May 5, 2008

Monday 5/5

Well it's the beginning of another work week and let me tell you I have already had some doozie's this morning. First off I have a very HM customer who always emails me. I explained to her that I have a high risk pregnancy, and will be out a lot. I directed her to Sarah is I am not here. Well she called Friday insisting on knowing when I would be back. Sarah explained she could help her and not to worry. The woman refused to let Sarah help her. Anyway, so over the weekend she left a voice mail, emailed me, and FAXED me all telling me to call her (because 1 msg won't suffice). So I get in this morning and call her back thinking this must be a claims emergency or something. Nope, it was a payment.............sigh I told my boss I just don't have the patience right now. He laughed and said she is OCD. In addition I am the one that opens the mail each day. Well we had a horrible storm a week or two ago, and our time clock outside our office suffered from it. The poor clock got struck by lightening or something, and just isn't working right. We cannot find the cause so we have to call someone out. Although, we just sold our office so it isn't really our responsibility anymore. Well we got an anonymous letter today from someone that says "Dear Nationwide, to project yourself as a company that pays attention to details you need to fix your time clock outside. It's been broken for some time and that is a sign of laziness to me". Really???????? Do people have NOTHING better to do with their time? I mean is this the Zodiac sending us anonymous emails waiting to pounce on us when we walked out the door? Next we will get news clippings piecing the words together. Maybe, it's the random puker stirring up trouble. Anyway, at least I got a few giggles this morning.
Sarah, said I seem like I am doing better today. I am I think. I had a good weekend with my husband and we needed it. I guess we are also hanging on to the small glimmer of hope the neurosurgeon gave us. I found a lot of information to read on Vacou Hydrocephalus. Here is the definition:

hydrocephalus ex vacuo
Hydrocephalus due to loss or atrophy of brain tissue; less commonly associated with raised intracranial pressure.

So we really are at a loss of what to do. I think we are going ahead with this pregnancy though unless there is a massive change this Friday at the re-scan. It is a little nerve racking, but like I said before we never know when anything is going to happen to any of us. Oh and my kidney is better it seems. I have this constant ringing in my right ear that is driving me cuckooooooooooooooo! I am wondering if it isn't from the MRI. Other than that all is well!!!! Well except my cat is still meowing 24/7. I am thinking I may have to get rid of him which is sad, but can you imagine a newborn around meow meow meow 24/7??? He has his shots, been neutered, just went to the vet, been inside, been outside, etc. He just has a noise control problem. He is also a great mouser or hunter of bugs. Maybe he needs some land to wonder around on??

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