Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day ~ Ps. I Love You

Fyi ~ spoilers on the Movie "Ps. I Love you" in here

Good Morning everyone! Well it's Memorial Day, and we should take a moment to think about all the people who have and are serving our country. I am also very glad to have a day off work, and am enjoying some relax time. I woke up about 8am to someone performing tae kwon do in my stomach. So I got up and then had some morning sickness?!?! What's that about?? I am 6 months?!?! All is gone now though and I am a happy camper. Mike made some fresh juice again this morning and it was wonderful. We then watched some birthing stories and Price Is Right. My kiddo loves that game show...ha! Now I am up here blogging and Mike is answering every question on Jeopardy behind me on the couch!! The boy really should be on a game show like Jeopardy ,or Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader. It's ridiculous how much his brain retains. He could probably tell you every president, when they served, what they did, and who their cabinet think I am exaggerating don't you? Come play Trivial Pursuit with him because I refuse to!
I rented PS. I Love You yesterday, and sat down to watch it last night. After Mike protesting that it was a "chick flick" and that he was refusing to watch so he would be working on the computer I settled in for my movie. Seems this movie was very well written, and even though it's very sad it has a lot of humor built into it. So therefore, my "chick flicks suck" husband ventured over to the couch with me after about 15 minutes of listening to the movie. I really didn't have high hopes for this movie because I figured it would be meaningless dialogue morphed into a tear jerker...I was wrong. I have been through the loss of people very close to me, and also going through this with Jude I could honestly relate to Hillary Swank in this film. There is a point where she just alienates herself from her friends, and seems like she doesn't care at all. If she does talk to them the issue she is dealing with occupies her conversation and her mind. When she shows back up right before her friends wedding after being absentee her friend looks at her, and asks her why she was so selfish. She asked if it was that horrible to see her happy and going on with her life. Hillary paused and then answered yes. GOOD HONEST ANSWER!!! I loved it! When we are processing difficult times or even tragedies we all respond in different ways. What some people think on how we should act or behave may just not fit with the way we NEED to act and behave. Hillary seemed to be like me too that she worries about how she hurts or ignores others, but her own emotions have just taken over. So even though we have accepted this situation with Jude and feel we are pretty normal now I am sure there are instances where I am just NOT. So I am sorry still if I offend anyone or just don't meet up to someone's expectations.
Let me also state that the movie reminded me how much I adore my friends and family. We should be thankful for everyone we have around us because we just don't know when we may lose someone. Speaking of? Where's my Kel this weekend??? Call me woman! Anyway, I will end with saying this about the movie. We were watching this movie and of course I would tear up at the thought of losing Mike. He would pat me and tell me he isn't going anywhere. Although, when she had to pack up her husbands clothes I think I saw some teary eyes and Mike said "I just couldn't do that. I would have to leave your stuff where it's at"
We are off to the lake today to Docia's. I enjoy going to her house because it's away from everything. It's just some time away!

Ps. It's much hotter than I remember when I was preggo with Em (WHEW), and No Sarah I am not getting in a swimsuit! ha ha ha. :)

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