Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Busy blogger

I am busy blogging today I guess. Probably because I feel rushed. I am beginning to get REALLY peeved with doctors offices today!!! I have no patience and have been pushed to the brink. First off I called the MRI this morning at 8:30 asking for a copy of my MRI report to be faxed. I explained that the neurosurgeon is waiting on it and I need to fax it. You think I have yet to see it??? It's been 4 hours I think that's enough time to punch in a fax number and press send! To top that off I called the perinatal office to talk to them about if they actually measured the cortex last Thursday. This seems to be the concerning issue so I wanted to make sure it was measured. The nurse wasn't sure so she spoke to the dr and he said there is no way they can measure the cortex on a sonogram machine. Ok, well the mri dr said you had all the necessary info to re-scan it. So how am I suppose to make a logical decision if you aren't measuring the most concerning ISSUE??????? Plus, I asked him to re-scan today and Friday so we can have even more info...no go! No wonder the neurologist said he is unsure why they didn't do two MRI'S. This is very very frustrating. I know I am rushed and angry but surely outsiders can understand this. Plus, getting through to a dctr is ridiculous. You know what if it makes me feel better having two scans this week prior to deciding termination then BY GOD they should do it. I am not a happy camper!

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