Monday, May 19, 2008

Evening update

Whew I am really tired tonight for some reason!! I am ready to just relax. I just made dinner and now it is rest time. I have been reading back over my blog and this has definitely been an adventure. I still wish I knew what caused this issue with Jude. I don't drink when pregnant, I don't use drugs, I eat healthy, take my pre-natals, am careful, don't work with heavy lifting, etc. Just makes no sense. I did read an article today based on a study a doctor did on issues like Judes. Not exactly like his, but based on ventriculmegaly, brain hemorrhages, etc. Anyway, he based his findings of Mri's, sono's, etc. It stated that some babies that present with abnormalities early in gestation have a 6 week lag time compared to normal babies. Therefore, it isn't accurate to diagnose a probably severe issue without a full 10 week lag time, and multiple MRI'S. I hope he is right! Doesn't mean it will change our outcome, but still it gives me hope. I like reading the articles and medical research. It gives me a greater understanding and appreciation of the situation.
I am also touched by everyone that has read this blog and emailed me. I hope everyone will keep praying that all will be okay. I have even had people email me that are in a profession to help others in situations like mine in the future contact me. That is so wonderful!! As I am writing this Jude is wiggling around. He has been very active the past several days. Em is currently in the shower and about to see Raiders of the Lost Ark for the first time!!! Let's hope she appreciates it like I did as a kid.

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