Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Sorry for the late update I have been a BUSY bee today!!! I have worked my tail off. Anyway, I didn't get to do much today, but I did read some more on Microcephaly. It seems the doctors are correct in saying you cannot normally diagnose this issue until after 27 weeks gestation. So we need some new prayers Jude does not have this issue, and his head continues to grow with his body. It's basically a small head because the brain did not develop properly. It can cause minor developmental delays or death. I saw a picture of a baby that the parents lost that only lived a few hours from this condition. I don't think this will be the case with Jude though. Let me explain that I looked at the picture because there is a charity guild of photographers that will take these pics of children that pass or are in the NICU for parents. It helps with the grieving process, and they are beautifully done. They take pictures of their little feet, etc for the parents to keep. I told Mike that maybe this is why were are going through this. He does wonderful photography and maybe we are being drawn to help? It would be difficult though. I am being drawn to do something though regarding this situation. I know the blog is helping because there are med students, and a doctor following it. Although I still feel there is something else. I guess I will be led to the correct path if I be patient.
I am off to get Em to church youth group and eat with my hubby!

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