Friday, May 23, 2008

Friday 5/23

Good morning all. It's been a pretty busy week at work so I have been limited on my blog time. I am super excited it's a long weekend due to the holiday. I haven't had any doctor appointments so nothing new to report. I did get a call from my OB though who asked if I have scheduled an appt with the perinatalist (dr doom). Um no I haven't, and I really don't want to until after 28 weeks. Past 28 weeks they can see more results and get us more of a final answer. So therefore, anything before that time yet again just leaves us worried and with more questions. I think that is unnecessary stress that Jude and I don't need. Anyway, Ob also wants me to see a heart specialist in her building because I have heart flutters and a rapid heart beat. I had it with Emily too though, and I called my cousin the preggo guru and we both agree it's probably just the extra blood your body produces due to pregnancy. So I am really not that worried about it at all! I went and got a maternity shirt yesterday and stopped and looked at some cute little boy clothes. It made me happy to think about getting him items. Em won out yesterday though because she got a cute little pink dress that was on clearance. Well it seems Jude has been trying to break out lately because his movements are getting more frequent and more noticeable. I always put my ipod on and put the speakers on my stomach for Jude to listen to music. This is suppose to stimulate brain response thus stimulating growth. Well my ipod has been dead for two days, and I finally got it working last night. I put the music back on when I laid down in bed, and the baby started kicking like crazy. Mike pretended to be Jude's voice, "Day 135 in this cell and that strange music has started again I believe it's an effort to get me to come out, but I refuse!!! That mother lady can try all she wants but I will withstand this musical torture". HA HA HA. He cracks me up!

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