Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Heart dctr

So I went to the cardiologist that Dr moser wanted me to see. I sat there for an hour before I got taken back to the room. I then sat there for another 30 mins waiting on the doctor to come see me. I have serious issues with this and most people know where I stand on it. Don't get me wrong I understand that a doctor holds an important position. Although, I don't think we should ever ASSUME we have to wait that long to see someone. I am just as important in my role at work as she is in hers, and seeing how it is after a holiday weekend we are extremely busy. So therefore, I was out for extra time today on a doctor appointment where I never even SAW the doctor! Yep I didn't see her. Why? Because I left. Because I got up and told them that unfortunately I could not wait any longer. I had to get back to work, and that if they could find a spot where I could actually be seen then to let me know. Of course, I was very professional and cordial about it, but I was livid. I understand that sometimes doctors run behind in their line of work. I know the doctor was there so she didn't run out on an emergency. In my profession if I was running that late I would have someone come explain that to me, or make some sort of an effort. I was very offended! It makes patients feel like they are not important. I understand you have a higher education than I do, but that doesn't mean I am any less important. Why is it the medical profession is the only job where you can make someone wait an hour and a half and it should be acceptable? If I made someone wait for an hour and a half at my office they would fire me as their agent. So therefore, we should be able to fire our doctors for not treating us with respect. In the course of writing this blog they just called me and stated they "spoke" with the doctor and she states she won't have anything else until 6/16. I just bluntly told the nurse I don't have an hour and a half to wait on her.
Anyway, off my high horse. The funny of the day is I was just charged by a squirrel. Yes, a squirrel! I guess I scared the little bugger when I walked out of my office and he was not very happy about it! He made some high pitched screeching noise and rushed me like a bull. I fully expected to find tiny bull horns on his head. I am sure I was quit the spectacle running preggo in my high heel sandals from this tiny devil!
I go to my OB tomorrow and I will post any new sonograms and info. We will get to see how Jude's head is measuring. So I am a bit stressed which could account for my hostile mood :)

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