Friday, May 16, 2008

End of the season

Well Emily's team lost last night, and even though we were sad for her we are almost relieved. I am personally exhausted from getting home so late, and I am sure she is too. So she will have the summer to rest, and then we start over again in the fall. The good news is her old coach is moving up to the 10 and under group, and she is just thrilled about that. She likes her current coach too so if she gets him again that will be fine also. He even gave her a bat last night after the game. I think it's because it was a short bat, and that's what she likes to hit with. We try to encourage her to use a longer bat, but she will have no part of that. She played very well though, and I am proud of her. She normally plays catcher, pitcher, and 2nd base. She is primarily catcher though and is very good at it! The coach tells her she has a "strong arm" so he puts her there. She is also quick at getting the ball back to the pitcher. I am very proud of her! There is a softball camp that is three days in June from 9-2. I am really wanting to send her, but the reality of being a full time working mom has always been the hours. For some reason daycamps decide to make their hours something that would NEVER fit with someone that works full time. I don't understand that (perplexed look). Seems like they would get more kids if they could run the camps within work hours like most daycares do. Either that or have some after care you can pay extra for.

Anyway, so I dreamt of Jude last night for the first time where I actually saw his face. He wasn't a baby though he was about 5 years old and was looking in a mirror. He did have some problems, but they were minor and I remember telling him how much I love him. He was cute too!!! He had spikey brown hair and light brown eyes. This experience was reassuring to me because I kept complaining to Mike telling him I just am not dreaming of Jude. Which is unusual to me because I dreamt of a little girl with Emily all the time. So who knows if that means anything, but it was an interesting dream.

I haven't felt him move like he normally does the last two days. In fact today I got worried so I drank a bottle of orange juice, and pushed my tummy around a bit. He finally kicked probably telling me to stop it because he was sleeping. I finally figured if I am really tired he must be too. Normally I wouldn't be to concerned especially since I am only 23 weeks, but I guess given the circumstances it's normal to worry.

I got a very inspirational email from a woman today that heard about my story. Her daughter had some serious issues in utero. She sent me her 8 month photo and she is a normal/happy little girl.

Well it's Friday and I am thrilled. I have a birthday party tonight which I am going to try to make, but honestly I am pooped! I kinda just want to curl up with Mike and sleep. We will see.

Ps. My ear is still ringing and I have officially gone crazy from case you are wondering.

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