Friday, May 9, 2008

Dr update

The doctor we saw today was very nice. It was Dr Doom's partner and he was very patient. He was also very straightforward. He said that Dr Twickler has never been wrong (she was the MRI dr), but my husbands point was how many of the aborted babies have they asked if they would have been ok. Hmmm he makes good points sometimes. Anyway, like I said before I prayed last night and said if I am suppose to keep this child keep the ventricles the same, or even show progress. If we are only going to have more heartache please let them increase in size. So doctor told us in our situation things can start looking like they are going downhill at 24 weeks. He also said they just don't know what the outcome will be in our situation. So he said the best thing to do was to think of the best and worst scenario, and based on that you make your decision. He said if you decide to terminate you just do it, and never look back (easier said than done). He said if you decide to keep the pregnancy then you march on, and at 28 weeks if you have severe brain damage you never look back either. So he then scanned the brain. He said the brain ventricles have not increased at all! He even said the left side was measuring 10-11 which means it could have gone down a bit. Also the cerebellum is now measuring 19 mm which means it has GROWN and almost caught up!!! In addition to that the skull has grown too and measuring right on at 21 weeks. The rest of him looks perfect. So what does this mean? It means he still has fluid on the brain but for the first time we actually HEARD the word progress. If this continues baby Jude has a shot at being ok! So our prayers now are to please let this progress continue. To please let the cortex start forming and fill in the parts of the brain instead of fluid filling in those parts. We still know there is a possibility Jude may have severe issues, but we will love him anyway. Thanks to every one's support.

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