Friday, May 1, 2009

An outfit, a car wreck, TMJ, and TGIF!

Last night I raced home from work to relive Mike of baby duty so he could go give a few roof and paint estimates to people. I loaded Em, and Jude in the car and we went to get some groceries. My house was beginning to resemble Old Mother Hubbards Cupboards! When we got there I reached into the back seat to lift Jude's car seat out. I guess I opened my mouth when I lifted the seat because the next sound out of my body was a yelp of pain. My jaw suddenly locked in place, and there was sharp shooting pain radiating through my jaw. I immediately put two and two together and realized my recent headaches were not from my shoulder, but my jaw! During my car wreck in 01 my jaw implanted into the steering wheel, and dislocated it. I saw a craniofacial pain specialist for awhile, and after receiving injections directly into my jaw to help the pain I never had a problem again. Well it's flared it's ugly head. I would like to personally thank the 19 yr old speeding that day for giving me lifelong issues. Anyway, Mike was rather eek'd out over my jaw swelling, and when you touch it it's hot. So to say the least I am a bit miserable at work today, but I am trying to make the best of it.

Before we left on our grand shopping adventure I had given Jude a bath. After I dressed him I layed him down on his Einstein mat. I was waiting on Emily's reaction to Jude's outfit. Her cats name is Scooter (which we all adore), and Jude was wearing the below outfit...
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Suddenly I heard Emily say, "Heeeeeeeeeeey is this a joke??". She got it, and it was hilarious! Jude thought it was funny too!
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Then she said Jude was giving her "the evil eye", and needed to be in time out. She cracks me up. I am glad we can share these little moments with Jude now.

So our little baby is acting like he wants to reach which is great. He wakes up with his arms up in the air as if he wants us to pick him up. He hands are still clinched tight though, and we are hoping the therapist can work with him on opening them. We massage them open at night, and I have also been told soft hair rollers are great to put in his hands. Jude is also "talking" back to us trying to mimic some of our sounds. The only draw back we have seen is the small spasms he is having. We have a doctor visit with the neurologist on May 4th, and we know they will increase the medication. The Depakote has truly been a miracle drug for Jude, and I am so thankful to Doctor Riela. It's like having a whole new child. Last night while Mike was holding him I did notice Jude's favoritism to one side, and the difficulty he has keeping his head up. He is making great progress though with this. He can keep his head up about ten seconds before it falls. He is such a little inspiration! We are very proud of him.

I am working with a nice lady on getting Emily's smile boxes website set up. I will let you know when it is complete.

Please remember to wear your purple and blue for Stroke awareness day tomorrow. Please honor our little survivors like Jude. Please take pictures of your support, and I will post them on my blog as a "virtual walk of support".


~The~Wacky~Whittons~ said...

I am so excited that everything is working out great for your family!! We will be on the road tomorrow but we will be sporting our purple and blue! I will send pictures to facebook for all to see!! =)

Midwest Mommy said...

Oh that stinks about your jaw. A month ago when I got rear ended my side went hand is still asleep!