Thursday, May 7, 2009

Practical Joke Thursday

I will be updating more from home tonight, because I am having technical difficulties with pictures. Jude seems to be tolerating the increase in medication so far which is a relief for us. He will be staying with his grandmother again today, so I will be taking lunch to administer Jude's meds to him. I do believe that Jude has a bit of a cold because his nose is yucky, and his breathing is still a bit rattled. He slept well until 5am, though and the last time I talked to Mike he was still in his morning nap. I will leave you with two items this morning.

"Dad if you put that hat on me ONE more time I am gonna sock you in the nose! You hear me??" Jude
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Second, my husband and Emily are constantly playing practical jokes on each other, wrestling, chasing each other, and just picking on one another. The only problem is Mike always out smarts Emily in some way. Well Emily wrapped a rubber band around the spray nozzle in the kitchen the other night. She for once got Mike without him suspecting a thing. It was comical and shear greatness! After this was shot Em ran, and Mike chased her up the stairs.


PurpleQuilterQueen said...

That is total greatness! I saw it on AFV the other night too. I'd love to do it to my husband but I'm so afraid of the pay-backs! Jennifer You go Emily!!

Cjengo said...

That's where she said she got the idea!! ha ha. I loved it. I laughed my tail off. Thanks for the comment.