Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sunday Sunday

We have had a very lazy Sunday, and it's been great. I say lazy, but we were up early to feed Jude, I went and fed my cousins dogs, made lunch, did dishes, and washed clothes. The reason today still classifies as lazy is because I took a nap in the middle of the day, which was greatness! Jude is still having some small spasms which results in twitches, and rapid eye movement. It's concerning, but he seems to ride through the seizure activity okay. I learned that his doctor appt had to be rescheduled due to a conflict with the doctors surgery schedule. So therefore, we will be calling tomorrow to see if we can increase his medications until the actual office visit.

Jude slept a lot today so I think he needed to catch up on his Zzzz's! It worried me at first, but then I reminded myself that I needed extra sleep today too. Sometimes we just need to catch up from a long week. I have a lot of pictures to post tomorrow regarding our Saturday of spreading pediatric stroke awareness. If you wore blue/purple in support of Jude please email them to me.

I am currently watching Jude on his little play mat, and he is smiling up a storm. I am also spending a few minutes to myself while my hubby, and daughter are out GPS treasure hunting. I guess there is a whole "society" that hides small "treasures" around the area, and families hunt them. Basically there are small cylinders, and you exchange your trinket for theirs. I had never heard of such a thing, but I was impressed that my husband suggested leaving ribbons, and stroke awareness information in the cylinders they found. He has such a tender heart, and it made me smile.

Most people that know me know I hold a HUGE space in my heart for the Dallas Cowboys!! I am a genuine football girl. My grandfather played for the NFL in the 40's, and by age two I knew to throw both arms in the air if someone yelled, TOUCHDOWN. Anyway, did you hear their practice facility collapsed on them last night while the players, coaches, and staff were inside?. I was concerned, and retrieved Mike from the garage to watch the news footage. I finally heard that there were some injuries, but nothing serious. I was then annoyed that someone cast aside the warnings for tornadic super cells moving through our area. You would think once they looked at the sky, saw the warnings, and possibly heard the sirens (like we did) they would decide staying inside a non cement structure would not be wise. I told Mike that it must have been a man that made the decision to stay and practice and ride out the storms. I could just hear them "Oh it's just a little wind we will be fine". I am sure they patted the boys on the butt, and sent them on to the practice field. I am sure they were devastated when the entire tent structure came crashing down. Poor guys.......I do feel for them, and am thankful no one was injured.
Anyway, I am going to hold Jude. I will post more tomorrow.

7:17pm *** As a follow up I just learned that a scouting coach for the Cowboys was injured, and maybe paralyzed. My heart goes out to his family. I wish whoever was in charge of the practice made better decisions regarding the storms. As someone that has been in two tornado's please don't take's just not worth it.


jocalyn said...

Totally NOT a Cowboys fan. (that's one thing we dont have in common!!!) I'm a Redskins fan! But, I did watch the coverage of the roof collapse yesterday. I had to laugh at that one guy...don't know his name...who just held on to the metal post while others rescued people. What a sissy!
Hope you guys have a good week. I'll let you know how our appt. goes on Tuesday so you can know what to expect!!??!!

Jennifer said...

Kelly got Jerry, Michelle, and the kids into that Geo-Caching (or whatever it's called) - they LOVE it! I am seriously considering in buying a GPS for this sole purpose. It's a good way to get the kids out of the house.

Suzanne said...

I drove thru these "cells" on the Geo Bush - not on purpose it came out of no where.............. I was terrified....... And NO ONE in their right mind puts anyone in a "tent" in the Spring months of TX - CRAZY!!!!!!

Suzanne said...
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