Tuesday, May 5, 2009

It's Stormy Tuesddddddday

It's storming again in Texas, and we are being told there is another threat of supercell issues. I am sure all will be fine here, but just as a warning use caution. Yes, you know what I am referring to.

Anyway, I heard back from Jude's doctor's office and they are going to increase his medication. Currently Jude takes 1ml, 1ml, 2ml, and they will be increasing that to 2,2,2. I worry about this a bit because of the last reaction to a medication increase. Although, I also understand that the spasms increasing are not a good thing. He had several small spasms last night, but they are nothing compared to the full blown seizures he would have. The only way I can describe how they look is like a small bolt of electricity passes through him. It lasts for merely a second, and then he goes back to normal. It's still hard to see, and a grim reminder that Jude will never have a normal life. We may love him with all our heart, and have hope for his future, but we are still realists, and we understand what his diagnosis means. He did have a good day with his therapist yesterday, and even pushed up on his arms. I then worked with him last night on holding his head up, but he seemed a little drowsy. Mike's mom is stayed with us yesterday to keep Jude, and she said he spent the better part of the day fighting to stay awake. So I am guessing that the little stinker was just very tired when I was working with him. He finally took about a thirty minute cat nap, and then woke up very smiley.

Yesterday at work at about 3pm I had a customer walk in to make a payment. Suddenly I became overwhelmingly dizzy, and wasn't sure what was going on. My right hand was tingling, my ears were ringing, and I was sweating. It was the strangest feeling! I thought "After everything we have been through I am NOT having a stroke too!!". Anyway, it seemed to go away, and I chalked it up to not eating enough yesterday from starting my diet. I ate a nutria grain bar, and drank a little soda. This made me feel better, but I still wasn't a 100%. I hate not feeling well, and it seems I have battled sinuses, allergies, and colds this year more than normal. I am chalking it up to stress, and taking extra vitamins!

So I just found out that Emily's softball coach has secured a new pitching coach to give the three girls that show pitching promise on his team private lessons. This is awesome, but guess when the first day is they want to start? FRIDAY. So far Friday we have a bday party, my sisters graduation dinner, a wedding, and now softball practice. Some days I just need a duplicate of myself. Luckily it's Emily's dads weekend so I am hoping he will be able to take her. We made a commitment months ago to attend the wedding so we will be going that route. Mike's mom will be watching Jude, so Mike and I will get a night out. I am going to do my best to get dressed up for the event, and then have some fun.

I am still adding stuff back to my blog so please don't worry if I don't have your link on here. Also, thank you to those that continue to give to March of Dimes. I wanted to help raise money in Maddie's honor, and we are almost $300 above our goal!!!

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~The~Wacky~Whittons~ said...

Jenn, we are still in Florida, but I wanted to tell you we have a picture for you when we get back I will send it your way. I feel like I am so lost not keeping up! I love the video of Mike getting pranked by Emily! Classic!