Thursday, May 28, 2009

Welcome home mommy

Jude doesn't speak to me, but his eyes can light up a room. I had to make that statement to start of this blog, because that's how I felt tonight. When I got home from work tonight Jude was smiling as soon as he heard my voice. Mike's mom was here because she has watched Jude while Mike worked today. I heard her say, "He sure knows who his mama is!", and that made me feel good. I scooped my little boy up into my arms, and he smiled so big that his little dimple by his nose was showing. He then kept "talking" to me, waving his arms, and just looking right at me. It's almost like Jude is trying to convey his thoughts to you by just looking at you. It made me happy to just hold him, and play with him tonight. I miss him and Em so much when I am at work. I love coming home to them, and to Mike.

Tomorrow Em has her Hall of fame ceremony at school. She is being recognized for getting straight A's, being nice to others, and her smile boxes. She is very excited! She has her outfit for tomorrow all put together, and her alarm is set for 7am. She makes me laugh how organized she can be when planning an event.......a little over obsessive....I have no idea where she gets this from (I am whistling in innocence right now).

I did hear back from Judes doctor today regarding his eating and spasms. We will be increasing his Depakene, but only after his eating is under control. Increasing his medications can make Jude stop eating, so the seizures needs to be stopped first. While my aunt was here she gave me some organic baby rice. I tried that last night, and he loved it, and he also loved the teething biscuits she got him. He cannot hold them, but he would bite and chew on them when placed in his mouth. He even reached for the biscuit once or twice. So I think we are seeing a turn towards the better in regards to his eating.

So one thing I have not mentioned is that I received a call from the FT Worth star telegram, about doing a story on my blog. I was honored, humbled, and emotional entangled in my own questions when I heard from them. I gladly accepted their offer, and I completed the interview. I wrestled with myself regarding public exposure to Jude's blog because this started as a very private emotional journey for me. I started this blog as a way to express my emotions, and to inform people what was happening in Jude's life. A way to mass spread the information rather than re-telling the same story many times a day. Each time I would re-tell what a doctor would say tears would seem to flow so in a way this blog saved me a bit of heartache. Writing has always been therapy for me and a way to deal with my emotions. I was probably inspired by my cousins writings even though she is so much more eloquent than I am. I have to thank her for following my blog every single day from the start, I can always count on her to get a daily update. Anyway, my blog then transformed into my own way of trying to help others, while still having a chance to express my thoughts. I didn't however want anything to ever be misconstrued. Luckily I was interviewed by a nice and sympathetic reporter. She touched on everything including my persistence to push childhood stroke awareness, and she even took down Emily's smile box information. We swapped stories of our children, where we live, and life in general. I was pleased with her, and can only help the article will help others. I explained that was my main concern, reaching others that may need information or an ear to listen. I was hesitant, but I still think this article will help. Plus the poor lady probably received a plethora of information because when nervous I never shut up. I will post when it is coming out.

Please have a great night, and hug your kiddos!! Tomorrow is Friday, and I am looking forward to a nice weekend.


Bird said...

That's why you're famous! I saw it in your twitter feed.

Anyway, I know what you mean about the blog. I always tell myself that only strangers are reading it. If I think too hard about my friends and family reading it, then I get embarassed and censor myself.

~The~Wacky~Whittons~ said...

That is great that he is reaching!!!! =) Next is holding!! I love how he smiles through his eyes. Declan does that alot. I am so proud of Emily, I have said it a thousand times I am sure. I am so excited to see your interview!! Please post it soon!! I might have to get me a copy of the paper and go "I KNOW HER!!!" Yay!!!