Monday, May 18, 2009


Jude's doctor appointment went well. The neurologist said Jude had gained weight, grown in length, and his head circumference had grown. He also looked a lot more alert, and his skin coloring was better....we couldn't ask for more. The doctor said he thinks the recent break through spasms are being caused by "generic" medication. He stressed that seizure medications must not be generic because it's the watered down version. He explained he has seen break through seizures a lot over the years due to generic meds. I didn't even know the label "Valporic acid" vs "Depakene" was generic......that will teach me I guess. So guess what? Medicaid won't cover Depakene so the nursing home stay DID nothing in that regard....oh well. My insurance will pay, but will leave a large co pay. At least it's covered. The good news is that Jude is doing better. We have to get his solids increased, but I am not that concerned about that subject...yet

Anyway, Emily had a dental appointment today, and then a late softball game. So we finally got home, and I needed to wash the uniform for tomorrow's game, feed Jude, change Jude, get his meds, dishes, blah, blah. I finally just sat down for a minute prior to drying Em's uniform, and all I keep hearing is "MOOOOOOOOOOOOM?" radiating from the upstairs. I love my kiddos, and am so thankful for them, but tonight I needed five minutes! Emily should be asleep, and I think Mike warned her that "Mommy needs a minute". I am now resting for a second with a glass of wine, and the computer. I needed chill out moment before mama freaked out.

Anyway, so prior to the softball game Em sat down next to me on the couch. Here is our conversation.

Emily: Mommy, you know how you like ancient things?
Me: (laughing) yeah
Emily: Well we learned today that anything 30 yrs or older is "ancient"
Me: (walking head first into this blinded) Oh that's nice
Emily: Yeah, so you are ancient like the things you like
Me: (staring blankly blinking).....ummmm do you mean antique?
Emily: Yeah yeah, you are......antique (she says proudly)
Me: Well isn't that just nice..........(said irritated)

I considered her punishment, but none was fitting.......yeah yeah you can laugh at me.


Marie said...

I guess at 42 that I am ancient. LOL

Bronx Cataldo's said...

i guess I fall into that too. Damm we are getting young!!!

~The~Wacky~Whittons~ said...

So, next year when I am 31 I will be ancient?? Oh-Antique?? Not yet right??!!! =)

I hope the meds are under control for Jude now!!

Purple Quilter Queen said...

Oh kids do say the darndest things don't they! I'm right there with you at 39! Jenn

Midwest Mommy said...

So when the pharmacist tells me there is no difference between generic and the real thing they are lying? I always knew it!

Cjengo said...

I guess so. When it applies to seizure meds anyway??

Bronx Cataldo's said...

we have the same with the Keppra one generic is not much good but the other one is fine so I go by the colour of the pills. So when I pick up his "Keppra I always look to see if they gave me the blue coloured pills becasue they work the yellow coloured ones don't work the same.

~The~Wacky~Whittons~ said...

Just FYI, Generic and Brand name is GENERALLY the SAME! The only major difference is the binding that holds them together. The active ingredient is the same. Now, in seizure meds, this can cause a problem...the binding being different. In major meds I would definately ask if the binding can affect treatment. But like in pain meds, antibiotics, maintence meds ie: thyroid, blood pressure etc, those are generally okay as generic! =) HTH!!!

Rich said...

Ahh it hit me a few years ago... While I was teaching judo, I realized, I've been in judo for 15 years; this is longer then most of my students I teach have been on this earth... As most are 13yo or less... WOW, I'm OLD!

I'm 29! LOL