Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I have lost my mind, and I am looking for it

I have been incredibly busy at work this week, and now today we received an audit in our office. That just increased the amount of work we had today, and added stress to the day. To add to being busy at work our family has had a hectic schedule of softball games, dealing with MDCP, dealing with HIPA, ECI, and more acronyms. Although through all this I have maintained my cool. I learned a long time ago that my reward at the end of a busy day is my family. Mike on the other hand is about to lose his mind today. He called me very upset because Jude is not eating again today. I can understand that he feels like the job he is doing isn't being done well when Jude doesn't eat. Not eating lands Jude in the hospital, and that is not something we want to go through again.

Sometimes I feel at a loss with trying to control things at work, and at home. I get so ran ragged that I don't feel like myself. I guess you lose a piece of yourself when you learn to deal with life in a new way. I began working out again this week, and soon I need to work on a tan. Maybe I can find a bit of myself through superficial looks? Kidding. I am just stretched today is all, and trying to find a balance between work, home, and a sick child. I feel like I am teetering myself on the balance ball at the gym all the time.

We are in the final stages of wrapping up the respite care for Jude. This has been a very long and drawn our ordeal. I will be relieved when it's finally in place. I also would like to inform the state that no branch dealing with children with disabilities is pleasant to work with. Anyway, the point is it will be there soon, and that's a wonderful thing.

I am looking forward to going home, and seeing my kids. I plan on taking a long walk with Jude in the stroller, and Em riding behind on her bike. Oh, and we had a scare with Em last night after her softball game. We were thrilled because Em hit a ball into outfield, and would have gotten a home run is her coach had not held her up on 3rd (she was winded). Anyway, we got home and she felt something in her throat. When I looked there was a large pus pocket, and I just knew she was getting strep. Strep and Emily walk hand in hand, and Jude getting strep would be a bad thing. So Mike took her to the doctor today to learn that somehow a piece of food had gotten lodged into a cut, or hole, or something and gotten infected...GROSS! So she will be fine. Another day of school lost, but she will be fine. Em plays her last games Saturday, and Tuesday so cross your fingers she wins. So far her team has done very well this season.

If you get a moment please stop by my other blog to meet Shelley. She started a foundation that created many playgrounds that cater to disabled children.

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