Sunday, May 24, 2009

Movie night

So Jude and I spent a great day together at home. He actually slept until NINE am, so momma got caught up on her sleep. We then we snuggled in bed for awhile, and Jude allowed me to shower him in baby kisses. He had lots of smiles for me, but again had a day of not eating like he normally does. Jude has now decided that baby food should be spit out rather than swallowed. So after I am covered in small dots of peas from head to toe I always regress back to giving him formula. Today he has taken about 21 ounces, which is way under what he normally takes. He still seems happy though, and at least he is eating some. We will tackle the eating hurdle one day at a time. I think his recent spasms may be contributing to the spitting of the baby food, then again it could be his teeth. His two bottom teeth are really showing their appearance, and they are SO CUTE!

We were suppose to pick Emily up from her dad at about six. Since we knew we had to get out I suggested to Mike that we ask his mom to babysit Jude for a few hours. Emily has complained that since we have had Jude we never go to the movies anymore. I tend to agree with her since the last movie we saw in the theater was "Charlotte Web". I am pretty sure that Dakota Fanning has aged many moons since that movie premiered. So we picked Em up, and surprised her with the news that we were going to see, Night At The Museum 2. She was so excited, that she just kept saying "Number 2, you know like the new one...the new movie?". We had the best time. During the movie Mike kept patting my hand, and rubbing my arm. Later he told me that it felt great that we all spent some time out without any worries. We knew that Jude was well taken care of so we were able to relax, and just enjoy the movie.

I had a wonderful time with my family, and the movie was great. It was a light hearted movie full of special effects, and history so it was right up my alley! Prior to the movie starting I was watching some young boys running up and down the stairs looking for places to sit. I smiled at them gently, and wondered if Jude would ever enjoy a theater. I knew that the possibility of sensory overload will issue, and the possibility that he may never know what a movie is. I wondered about the boys families, and if they knew how precious they are. It's amazing what all races through my head in fleeting moments. I was then distracted by the same commercials that scrolled through the screen prior to the previews. An ingenious, but annoying idea......commercials prior to a movie. Just when you are about to tear the large movie screen of the wall the actual show starts, and you can breathe a sigh of relief.

Once we picked Jude up he was all smiles at my voice. He has started this adorable snuggle move where he moves his face down into my cheek, and shoulder...I love it. We got home, and I sat with Jude on the couch where I feed him his bottle. While feeding him he will always look up at me, and just gaze. I wonder how long I can hold him like that? I just love it!!!

So I mentioned Jude's CP. It's really beginning to rear it's head. Jude's toes are curling in, and he is turning his hands in along with them being grasped. I worked with him a lot today on this, and on sitting up, but his head kept dropping. I am determined to get him in with therapy several times next week. I always encourage Jude telling him "Keep your head up baby, you can do it!!". I believe he can do it. I understand that the movements we take for granted will always be difficult for Jude. I believe in him though, and I believe he will learn to keep his head up, sit up, and walk.

Tomorrow is Memorial Day, and we are having some close friends over. I am sleeping in again though, and look forward to a nice morning snuggling with my family. Emily is going to have her little cousin over which is great. I hope that she and her cousin will become as close as my cousin and I are.

Everyone have a wonderful holiday! If I don't get to post tomorrow I will post Tuesday. I have a story regarding my hair dresser, and her sisters accident. I wanted to post it tonight, but it is a long story, and my hairdresser is such a sweet person. I would like to take my time telling her story. Until then, I am off to watch The Tudors, I recorded..........I looooooove The Tudors.


jocalyn said...

Hey...I just wanted to suggest you ask your ECI coordinator for a meeting with the dietician/nutritionist. We waited a little too long to do this, and Kendall went from the 95% in weight to 10%. We didn't really even know it was happening. She wasn't eating a lot, but she also wasn't complaining, so we didn't think she was hungry. When we finally met with the dietician, we went over the amount of food she normally eats and found out she wasn't getting enough calories each day to sustain her therapy, playing, and ...seizures. SO, we added Pediasure and it has made a huge difference. She is now more alert and gaining weight. Just a suggestion! Also, the dietician gave us a lot of suggestions for food with Kendall. Our pediatrician didn't have a clue what to feed a child like Kendall!

shelley said...

hey jen,
just wanted to let you know i posted your button on my "confessions of a playground princess" page. glad you got to sleep in a bit i know how much sleep means to us special needs sista's! hope you are having a great day! keep smiling!
ps. i LOVE LOVE LOVE the Tutors!!

Cjengo said...

Thank you Shelley!