Friday, May 8, 2009

Medication and a hair chair

I think I spoke to soon on the medication. Jude spent most of yesterday asleep, which made me worry the medication was to much to soon. I called the doctor, and he approved cutting back to 2,1,2. Jude was wide awake this morning so I hope he will be more awake this morning. He was rather comical when I picked him up out of his bassinet. He was so excited to see me he kept smiling, but so hungry he would stick out his bottom lip too. I hated leaving him this morning, but since it's Friday I know I get the weekend with him. Tonight though, it's a date night with Mike. I think we need to get out for a little while so I am looking forward to it. Mama needs to her groove on......well I don't have much groove, but what I do have needs a night on the town!

The other night we retrieved Jude's high chair from the attic. It had never been opened, and we weren't sure we would be able to use it. Jude cannot keep his head up that long, but I was confident we could get the chair to work. I wanted him to sit at our level with us while we are dinner. So we were strapping him in, and he was not sure about the whole thing. Once we got him in he had to work at times to keep his head up, but overall did very well. I think this will be a great therapy tool for him.

Jude unsure of the entire situation
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Hey wait ......... you mean you leave me in here???
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If his sissy will play with him then it makes everything ok!
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Nancy said...

I just watched the video at the top of this post and Jude is a beautiful baby boy!

I hope you and your hubby have a great date night.

Anonymous said...

Oh that is soo great! I'm so happy to hear that he's able to join ya'll for dinner! What a bonus at dinner time! I wish Andrew hadn't thrown away my dining table sometimes, becuase we don't have the priveledge to get to eat together. But have a great time on date night! I know you'll enjoy the time together.

Midwest Mommy said...

It looks like ours, does it recline? LM was still really young when I started using the high chair and couldn't keep his head up so I would recline it to make it easier for him.

~Amy said...

Jude is precious....I am glad he is doing better!! Emily is such a big girl now.....and seems like a HUGE help! I have enjoyed reading over the months how in tune she is of Jude and how thoughtful and inquisitive she is about what you all have gone through and how much she wants to help! She is a BLESSING! Have fun on your night out!!! You deserve it girl!


Bronx Cataldo's said...

Hi Jen and All,
Sorry love its off topic is Jude teething? That can cause an increase in seizures and Finnian got his top teeth first not the bottom. Just watch the baby teething gels because most of them contain alcohol of some form and that and a child with seizures doesn't mix.