Monday, May 18, 2009

Whirlwind weekend.

It was a whirlwind of a weekend loaded with nursing home stays, a crazy cat, softball cancellations, and visits to others. I am now back at work in my cozy little office, and it has started off as another extremely busy week. My boss will be very happy with all the new business we are writing. It seems the economy is finally starting to turn in our favor.

So Mike got home from the nursing home at about 1:45 am. After he got settled and we fell sound asleep, little Jude decided to wake up at 4, and then at 5:30. I let Mike sleep because... I mean he did brave the nursing home!! He deserves big kudos for that, and much more. Anyway, I finally fell back to sleep about 6:15, and my alarm went off at 7 for the softball game.....ARGH. It was raining, and so I figured all the games would be cancelled. Emily was so sure they were cancelled that she had turned her alarm off, and gone back to sleep....the stinker. So I logged on to the computer only to see an email that all games were on for Saturday...WHAT??? I sat around for a bit, and finally got an email that all the games were cancelled. Seeing how I was exhausted, and we had a double header scheduled I was a bit grateful. I love watching Em's games, but mama needed some sleep. Mike can go for days without sleep, but not me, I turn into Godzilla with no sleep. So I dragged myself back to bed, only to see Jude smiling at me. Luckily, he went back to sleep pretty quick though, and we then all slept in. You have to love his smile though,
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Saturday night Em ended up staying the night with her cousin, and we went to join them for pizza. I was so tired from the night before that we went home early, and I CRASHED into bed. Sunday we had a play date with Jude's friends Kendall and Cayleigh, you can find both of their blogs on my links.
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It was nice having a bit of normalcy in our lives. Yes, they do all have disabilities, but the idea of a "play date" was still very "normal" to us. We had originally scheduled to meet later in the day, but the girls were nice enough to reschedule for noon since Emily suddenly had a rescheduled softball game at 4. We swapped stories about therapists, doctor's, programs, and more. We also compared what our children did, and gave advice to each other. I learned so much from these girls, and I am honored to know them. I was so impressed with all the items Kendall's therapist had brought her. Jude was particularly fond of the red vibrating ladybug;
He would smile every time Emily pushed his hands down to make it wiggle.
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Yes as you can see Jude was the only boy. Mike (of course), had Jude doing a "booty" dance that he was the big pimp........sigh........but it was funny. Cayleigh's mom said her dad had already laid down the rules about Jude...I thought that was very cute. I was still a bit tired, but overall I really enjoyed our visit.

So Emily, and I rushed out the door from the play date for our hour drive home to rush her to her softball game. Although, once we arrived at the field, in full uniform, the place looked like a ghost town. I assumed that in my hurried state I overlooked the fact the game was at a different field. I called the coach in an apologizing panic, only the hear that the games were again cancelled. While I was at the play date they had emailed all the parents cancelling the games. So we decided to make our way to the store to find some shoes for Jude, only to run into Emily's coach.......while she was in full uniform......we had to laugh.

Jude had many spasms throughout the weekend, but never a full long seizure. The spasms can still be detrimental to his learning capabilities. Jude is currently at the doctor's office waiting to be seen, so I will post an update tomorrow.

Ps ~ Don't forget to stop by today. I blogged about the Spohrs today.


Colleen said...

Sounds like a great playdate. Jude has such a cute smile!

Anonymous said...

Another great way to help other mothers is to show your playdate! (I'll try to get to the others' blogs later.) Loved the photo of the three of you! Hope you three will give me some feedback on ECI services - I will be doing several posts.

tom the girl said...

he is soooo handsome! i love that smile of his =)