Friday, May 15, 2009

Night at the nursing home

According to Mike Jude seems to be doing better today. He seemed to revert back to his old feeding schedule last night after his seizure, because he woke at 4am hungry. Mike grumbled, and then slowly got out of bed to feed Jude 6 ounces.

So my poor Hubby has to check into the nursing home with Jude tonight to finish qualifying for the MDCP. This is the program that the state of Tx offers medically dependent children. It based off the child's "income" not the parents, which means most all children qualify. There is a very long wait, but thanks to Jocalyn she explained a way to move up the list. Jude's case is severe because of his seizures, and brain damage. So after months of jumping through hoops we are finally coming to a close on this subject. That means Jude will have supplemental insurance to his primary, nursing help, and more if we need it. It's truly a blessing! I am just sad that Mike, and Jude will be gone tonight. They had to check in at four, and since I work and have Em tonight there was no way I could make it. The good news is they will release them at midnight so it's truly just a few hours. I am going to have a girls night with Emily, which I think we really need together. Plus, I may have some family over later anyway until he gets home.

I would like to share my new magnet that is now on the back of my car. I would love to get more to sell them and raise money for stroke awareness, but I am afraid the lady only had a few left. I am going to see if I can hunt down a company to make some more. (Don't you love the shadow of my hands?)
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In addition I talked with the stroke group yesterday about the walk in September. There are a lot of rules and regulations so I am hoping I can still pull this off. I also got to see a preview of Emily's smile boxes site, and I am very excited! Priscilla is putting the finishing touches on the website, and then it will be up and running. I will be adding photo's of Em making, and delivering her boxes once her supplies comes in. We ordered the first 12 boxes, contents, cards, and more yesterday. Emily is very excited about this!!!

I would like to encourage you to PLEASE stop by my other blog today. I would like you to meet my Friday Hero Rich from The Perfect Focus. He is such an inspiration!


~The~Wacky~Whittons~ said...


Email me the link to Emily's site when it is up. Also, send me a picture of the magnet. The pictures are blocked from my work site!!! =(

Midwest Mommy said...

Ok, I have told you I am clueless when it comes to this stuff so I am going to ask. Why do they have to stay at a nursing home for a couple hours? Is it to become an established patient?

Cjengo said...

To prove they need nursing care, but don't need to be in a nursing home?? That's my understanding. It's a condition of being approved for the program. The program provides respite care so Mike can work, pays for Jude's personal health insurance, and provides therapy products, van conversions, and wheel it's awesome! It's put in place to make sure parents that make money don't go broke, and use the other systems because of a tragedy. It's great, but the process has been SOOOOOOOOO frustrating. It will be a relief though. Guaranteed some mom put this in place :)

Anonymous said...

Yea, moms were the engine, but some committee somewhere put in the hoops to jump through.

Thank you for posting about this particular means to access a Medicaid waiver program, Cjengo.

I suspect there are other parents who will benefit from knowing about this.

Having a 'girls' night' - pretty good making of lemonade!