Thursday, May 28, 2009

Softball games, and innocence

I am so busy at work that I can barely breathe. So I am taking a break to blog real quick so I can relax for a second. Last night Em was in her tournament again so I had to race from work to the softball field. Their game had been called the night before (due to weather) with only 26 minutes remaining, and they were one point behind. At the start of the game our girls were on the field, and I explained to Emily that is was crucial they get 3 girls out right away. It was crucial because her team was home, and if they played quickly they could have two chances at bat (home bats last). My heart started thumping when I saw they put Emily as pitcher (Yes I get into the games people!!). So Emily was pitching amazing.....I heard the umpire call Strike 1, Strike 2, Strike 3!!! AWESOME GO EM. Then another girl suffered the same fate, and then the third came up to bat. She hit the ball, and all the parents gasped as the pop fly flew up into the air, only to be Em. WOO WOO! She made all the plays for that inning, and I was yelling my little head off. The rest of the game went like this, and the teams wrestled back and forth between a one point lead. Emily, Baily, Victoria, and others all stepped up and played incredible defense. Finally Em's team came up for their last bat. The end of our batting order was up, and all our girls tried their hardest, and we won one point up. It was a combined effort of many ten year old little girls playing their hearts out. It was beautiful smiles beaming from the girls who made the last runs bringing in the win. I love when they do well, and they know they do well so they smile as big as they can. Jude enjoyed being out in the sunshine, but he did not enjoy the yelling at the end of the game. He was scared because everyone was so excited, but was quickly calmed by his daddy.

When we got home Emily was playing with Jude in the living room. I was laughing at her rendition of song from a toy that Jude. You can see for yourself.

Emily also received her cards in that explain her smile boxes. They were the last piece to the puzzle, and she added them in each one. I also had a long talk with her about all the recognition she is getting for putting this together, and how she needs to do this for the kids not for anything else. She said she understood, and that she never even expected this. So here is a video of her putting the together, and trying to make Jude walk!!!

Jude and I spent some quiet time together after Emily went to bed, and when Mike escaped to his "man cave" (the gameroom). I turned off the TV, and we sat on the couch together. He kept lifting his left arm, and touching my nose laughing. I would ask him to do it again, and sometimes he would accomplish the task, and he seemed to understand he did something good. Other times he would look at his hand like he was trying to raise it, but couldn't quite get it too, and he got a little frustrated. Reminded me of adult stroke victims. Jude laughed, and smiled for me though, and I would kiss his hands over and over. That too became a game, and Jude would try to lift his hands to my mouth. I was very proud of him for trying so hard. When Mike came down I told him everything Jude had done, and he seemed very pleased. I also told him that you can tell that Jude is a happy baby, which is a good thing. He definitely displays emotions which I take as a good sign. It also signifies to me that children and truly born innocent. Jude knows no harsh words, or pain inflicted by others. It takes parents yelling at their children, and the harsh real work before our personalities are shaped. Sometimes I am okay with the fact that all Jude will know is innocence and love.

Also, I would like to introduce you to Jude's twin.........kidding, but still he thinks he is a baby too.
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Crystal said...

Your daughter is so amazing. You can tell that she just loves her little brother to pieces! And with her by his side I have no doubts that he will walk and accomplish everything that he sets out to do! Your family is beautiful! Thanks for sharing you are truly an inspiration!

Jennifer said...

If you guys ever need help making the boxes, let me know, Veronica keeps asking me about your walk. She's really excited about helping!